![[Oracle Bone Characters Relating to Building.jpeg]] ##### Welcome to the Knowledge House for Craft. The Knowledge House for Craft is an association for those who create and maintain craft knowledge. It is where different cultures can meet around a shared interest in the role of the handmade.  This website contains a repository of knowledge that will grow over time. It is a tapestry of references and themes that are woven together in a knowledge graph. This is offered as a resource for craft thinkers and makers. It helps grasp the field of learning in its breadth and depth. There are a variety of ways to navigate this site. As a knowledge graph, at the bottom of each page are the other pages that link to the present one. You will also see this structure represented in the graph of the right. You can find all the contents also arranged by folders in the left sidebar. Tags offer a quick way of seeing all the pages related to a particular category, such as country or medium. Contents are structured according to a weaving metaphor. Vertical warps are individual references that contribute knowledge to our field. Horizontal weft are the threads that connect these together, such as projects and propositions. This is very much a working space. We invite those with an interest in the field of craft knowledge to use this as a way of sharing information and ideas. [[Contact]] us to learn how or [sign up](https://subscribepage.io/khc) for our email newsletter. ### Main contents - [[Manifesto]] - [[The Value of Craft Project]] - [[Reinventing the Wheel]] - [[World Craft Dictionary]] - [[Knowledge Weaving Laboratory]] - [[About]] - [[Contact]] *Image: _Pamela Hall [The Knowledge House and Chapter 1 in HouseWork(s) at The Rooms, St. John’s, 2014](https://preview.mailerlite.io/te/cl/eyJ2Ijoie1wiYVwiOjQ0MjgxNSxcImxcIjoxMDk5NTg3NjQ2MDMzNzc1MzMsXCJyXCI6MTA5OTU4NzY2MzMwMzgxNjA1fSIsInMiOiI4MTI5OTIwMzVkZDVhZGMzIn0)_